The BOILSAFE Prospectus

The BoilSafe™ Integrated Cooktop System Prospectus provides a detailed view of this entirely new concept in the field of cooking appliances, with Industrial, Commercial and Residential configurations. Born of the need for a safer cooking environment, the innovative BoilSafe Integrated Cooktop System will drastically reduce burns (and other serious injuries) in the kitchen and increase cooking productivity, potentially redefining the way professional and everyday cooks prepare their daily meals. In addition to the numerous safety advantages and its related benefits for the disabled, BoilSafe exceeds current OHSA requirements for such appliances, giving the manufacturer an added advantage in the marketplace.

Read the  BoilSafe™ Prospectus below; an in-depth analysis of this amazing new product, and discover how licensing this concept can increase your future market share. P_Button_PDF copy

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